Q. Do you have pockets for bilateral cochlear implant recipients?

Yes. All of our shirts have pockets on each sleeve to accomodate both bilateral and unilateral users.


Q. Are the shirts compatible with all cochlear implant manufacturers?

If CI manufactures have a wearing configuration to wear processors off -the-ear then the Ci Wear shirt will work for you.


Q. What other devices does the shirt work with?

Ci Wear shirt pockets are compatible with any device that fits in the pockets. The pockets will fit a smartphone up to the size of an IPhone 6 (adult sizes) and most types of MP3 players. When using earphones it is suggested to use 90 degree jack.


Q. Are your shirts waterproof?

No. Our Koredry shirt is water resistant, but not waterproof garment. When using your device in or around water you should always use your device in accordance to manufacturers requirements.


Q. Do you make pockets with zippers?

No. Our pockets have a cover flap and an internal elastic band to clip devices to. This better secures your device inside the shirt and keeps it from moving around in the pocket.


Q. Do you make long sleeve shirts?

No. At this time, we only make short sleeve shirts.


Q. What size cord works best with Ci Wear shirts?

Minimum of 18" cord is suggest for our shirts. It really depends on each individual. Suggest using a string to determine the correct length that works best for you. Any excess cord length can be stowed in the shirt pocket.


Q. Do you have toddler sizes?

Toddler sizes 3-4 consider Youth XX-Small, Toddler 4-5 try Youth X-Small.


Q. What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with our product. If you are not satisfied with our product you can return it within 30 days, as long as the shirt has not been used. Return Policy

Q. What makes Ci Wear different from other rashguards, swim shirts or exercise shirts?

Our patented design allows you to integrate your device into our shirt eliminating the need for other accessories (i.e. armbands, lanyards, compression sleeves). The shirt adds a layer of protection to help protect your device and its wires from being tangled or dislodged during sports and recreational activities in and out of the water.


Q. How do I care for my Ci Wear shirt?

Wash in cold water and hang dry out of the sun. Chlorine, salt water and sun can breakdown the fabric and cause some fraying of seams over time.


Q. Does the AquaCase fit in a Ci Wear shirt pocket?

Yes! The shirt pockets are designed to accomodate the AquaCase. For youth XXS-Small shirts the easiest way to inster the case into the smaller pockets is to push up under the cover flap first. When inside the upper compartment of pocket, slide down into the lower pocket to enclose the entire case.

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